Kevin’s back! Pleasant…

Kevin's back! Pleasant homecoming yesterday evening...

Aside from that, not much exciting to report. Currently rereading David Brin's The Practice Effect, a very neat little sf novel. Ate leftovers for dinner last night, so no interesting cooking to mention. Just finished up a little going away present for my boss (a collection of all the poems I wrote on her time. :-), and am now considering the daunting task of coping with all the personal files on the office computer (it's an IBM, and I put a lot of stories on it, and I have a MAC at home. I know there should be a way to simply convert the files over, but I don't think I have the appropriate program). Big mess.

Life is good; I'm very sleepy; hope you all are well.

--2:40 - Two new poems - Pity the Children and Sri Lanka, Summer of '95. Don't read 'em if you're looking for a quick pickup. :-)

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