Good morning! I hope you…

Good morning! I hope you all had a nice weekend -- I did! Still getting used to not having anyone around the apartment, but it was nice in some ways -- got to play whatever music I felt like (I have this tendency to play the same CD over and over and over again, which has driven more than one roommate of mine a little mad)....what I cleaned, stayed clean.... and since there was nobody around to complain to, I stayed busy instead.

Busy in a very relaxed way, that is. Spent most of the weekend reading, (a not very good retelling of the (excellent) Robotech animated series, and started the lasted Sword and Sorceress anthology) cleaning (five loads of laundry :-), and watching Star Trek. Friday night I had people over for dinner (the sushi came out well, ditto the miso soup which was new to me, and sorbet worked pretty well for dessert (though it would have been nice to have green tea ice cream -- no idea where you get it, though)) and last night I hung out with some friends (weird situation, an ex of one of them is kind of stalking her...he was hanging out outside the house (not even her house!) -- more than a little creepy. She's getting a restraining order against him).

Didn't get any real work done, but that's okay. Right now I mainly have a lot of revising to do, some pretty urgent news things to write (late!) and the webzine to continue work on. Once I finish the news stuff I may take a bit of a break.

Going dancing tomorrow at an SCA meeting. I'm thinking of joining for a while and going to Pennsic, since I'll just barely have time before I leave Philadelphia. I have to decide soon, since pre-registration isn't that far away. We'll see...

- 12:15 - Typed in the text of the Penthouse article on me (someone kindly sent me their copy!). It's almost embarrassingly gushing -- but I'll take praise where I can get it. :-)

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