Hmmm. A little worried…

Hmmm. A little worried -- the erotica server appears to be down, and I'm not sure what (if anything) is to be done about it. Be patient for a bit, I guess.

Otherwise, life is good -- a lazy Friday before a long weekend (Monday's Memorial Day, for those of you not in the States, and a national holiday). Not too much work here at the office, and I've spent the last half hour trying to decide what to have for dinner. Chicken sandwiches with honey mustard, I think. Too lazy to really cook. Thought about doing lasagne, but David doesn't want the oven going that long, and I can't really blame him.

Finished The Dispossessed and am currently about halfway through the latest issue of Analog. Was not overly impressed by the novella segment, but there was a pretty good rocket ship story.

A couple of you expressed interest, so here are the Jenni segments, from my workshop. Some of them contain details that are mutually exclusive -- that's 'cause they're written for different exercises. If they finally become a story, all of those will be smoothed out. Keep in mind that these all had word limits on them -- under 300 or 500 words. That makes a big difference in how you tell the story.

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