Good morning, dears….

Good morning, dears. Sorry no entry yesterday -- I spent most the day cleaning and cooking (had friends for dinner last night) and so didn't log on much. The day went pleasantly, though I was fairly tired at the end of it. Made more injera and some Sri Lankan curries to go with it. The lemon/ chicken/coconut milk dish came out especially well -- the recipe is in the Complete Asian Cookbook, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in Asian food. (covers Sri Lanka to Japan to Singapore to...)

It's a beautiful day today, though it'll soon be too hot -- up into the 90's, from what I hear. The birds are chirping furiously outside. Karina gave Kev a bird feeder for Christmas, and I finally got it up a couple of days ago. Daily battles are being fought by the birds -- there are several trees outside, and at least fifty birds seem to live there -- cardinals, definitely, but I don't know what any of the others are. Lots of little brown ones -- Kevin says two we saw yesterday were doves, some birds with white necks and chests, but with black bits and mostly brown wings...I should get a book.

Am currently reading Prozac Nation. I'm not overly impressed with the writing style, but it's fascinating hearing about what it's like being severely depressed. I don't really get depressed like that -- stressed or worried or upset or sad, but usually for some specific reason -- not just depressed. I used to have a roommate who was manic-depressive, and some of the things she did to herself were really scary. I hate thinking about how many people are going around feeling like that all the time -- it must be terrible. I think I'd rather be really sad than really depressed -- at least I know I'm feeling something.

But that's a dreary topic for what's really a rather lovely day. I'm doing laundry now, (I actually kind of like doing laundry, 'cause I can feel productive while the machines do most of the work. :-) (Yes, I'm reading a book, but I'm also doing laundry!)) and when I finish, the plan is to go into my nice air-conditioned office and work on Metari Nights. If I'm really lucky, I'll finish the darn thing (though more likely, I'll just get the structural revisions done, and lucky to do that). Still, most of my other projects are going well, so I can't complain. My only concern is that I still seem to be tired all the time, despite the Synthroid. Got to do some more blood tests and see if they need to up my dose.

Oh, put some new stuff on the home page. Instructions for creating a web page. Lots of people ask me about it -- maybe this will help. It's all really pretty easy once you find a site.

Well, I'm going to go check my mail again (compulsive, I know. I alphabetized all Kevin's CD's the other day), and then go check the laundry. Have a great day, everyone! I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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