Good morning! Another…

Good morning! Another beautiful day, though it's clearly going to be warmer than yesterday. No complaints from me -- I got to wear the cute little summer dress I bought when I went shopping with Kirsten. :-)

Made more Ethiopian food last night -- I could easily get addicted to this stuff. Anyone know a good recipe for one of their spicy lentil dishes? (I admit, I can't stand lentils, but Kev likes 'em, and I'm trying to learn, since they're so good for you.) I made the vegetable stew again, but added the cabbage this time (skipped it the first time through). Don't know that it really adds anything. I think in the future, more green peppers, carrots and tomatoes, no cabbage. We'll see, though. I made a Sri Lankan chicken curry with it, which worked fine -- it's not so dissimilar from their Doro Wat. Somewhat different spices. And I used coconut milk -- so bad for you with its high fat content, but a real pleasure in curry. Why are the good things so often bad for you?? (Of course, there are plenty that aren't -- sunsets, butterflies, fresh fruit, safe sex...:-)

I did manage to get through about 40 mail messages yesterday that I'd had saved for days, so achieved one of my goals. Stared at Metari Nights a bit but didn't manage to revise anything, nor did I write the letter. I'm going to try to do one of those today. If I don't tell you I did tomorrow, yell at me.

Dinner at David's tonight. :-) I brought in leftover injera and curry for lunch, so I think I'll be glad of a change for dinner.

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