Okay, I messed up! Good…

Okay, I messed up! Good thing you guys are keeping an eye on me. :-) But now the last two entries are firmly in May where they belong, so if you missed them hiding in April, just take a look below. Sorry about that, but as you know, things have been crazy.

Spent a couple hours working on the manuscript. Tentative contents: Poetry: Confession, Hymn, Mango, Renewal, Sleeping with His Best Friend, Turning Bodies, Memory's a Traitor, Dreams of a Lover, Letter, Summer, and Orange After Midnight. Stories: Attraction, Blind, Chantal, Diana, Feather, Gorgeous Gracie, Hope of the Lord, Lady, Fleeing Gods, Letter Found Near a Suicide, Meditation on Human Relations, A More Congenial Spot, Morningsong, Paint, The Queen of Fairies, Radhika and Matthew, Reunion, Season of Marriage, Would You Live For Me. If anyone's got any favorites that I missed and that they simply MUST have in there, drop me a line, and I'll think about it. It's hardly fixed in stone, and I hope to write one or two new stories and poems as well, in addition to the ones in there.

Looks definite the John is stepping down for a while from the erotica list. Luckily Brian and another are stepping in to pick up the slack. Three cheers for helpful souls! :-)

All sore from dance class last night, but was a good class. Easier than usual, 'cause the best people weren't there, and we had some new people, so we went slow, and nothing was new to me. Nice to relax for a change. Usually I feel as if I'm just barely keeping up in that class -- and I still get hopelessly dizzy on turns. But I can touch my head to my knee in stretches now. :-)

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