Huh. I hadn’t realized…

Huh. I hadn't realized it had been quite so long since I'd written until I got little concerned notes from a few of you. Sorry for the delay, but been very swamped (and got horrendously sick with some bug Sunday night, but am all better now) with work. I am currently:

1. Holding down the day job
2. Trying to figure out housing for grad school
3. Writing little porn letters for a web site on commission
4. Working on the novella for Puritan
5. Trying to assemble the manuscript for the anthology (which I finally have the money for)
6. And most time-consuming, moderating the erotica workshop (30- 50 mail messages/day alone!)

Do I sound like I'm whining? A bit, perhaps. It's been an exhausting couple of days. On the good side, I'm healthy (again), fairly happy, and very satisfied with all the work I'm getting done. Had to come up with a working title for the manuscript. Was waffling between Dreams of a Lover, Turning Bodies, and Torn Shapes of Desire (all titles of old poems of mine). Went with the last, but may change my mind. David suggested just Shapes of Desire, but somehow I feel like that lacks oomph! I don't know...:-)

Otherwise, the list is humming along nicely, with some lovely stories, and useful crits. We could use some more market info, but that will hopefully come in time.

Tonight two editor friends of mine, Gary Bowen and Cecelia Tan, will be reading from their erotica at Borders. I encourage any of you around Philly to come -- I'll be there, and would be happy to meet you. :-)

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