Afternoon, everyone….

Afternoon, everyone. Just added a new section of quotes -- writers on writing. Some funny stuff. :-) Feel free to send me any others you might have.

Let's see...not much new to report. I'm definitely doing another novella for Puritan (and cannibalizing my poor novel-in-hiatus to do it quickly). About 1/2 done already, though I doubt the rest will go nearly as fast. Which is fine, since it's not due till June. :-)

Turns out that 'stairs' is the correct answer for the riddle. So here's another -- "What's too much for one, enough for two, but not enough for three?" Love and marriage were not the correct answers (though I doubt it's because the game designers were progressive or poly. :-)

Btw, I regularly get requests from people to look at their sites and provide links back to them. I mostly turn those down, but the funny/ interesting ones I do put in links too (spread the wealth :-). So if any of you regular readers want to suggest a home page (or favorite link), please feel free to do so. Don't be too distressed if I don't add it, though -- despite the recent proliferation of new links on my home page, I do *try* to keep it fairly clean and focused. As it gets more crowded, I'll probably start moving things like the miscellaneous stuff to separate pages, at least.

Am now rereading a de Lint novel, Yarrow, partly because I love his writing, and partly in the hopes that it will inspire me. He's one of those writers I'd really like to be able to write like (along with LeGuin, McKillip, Butler...). Hope it helps. This one is a delightful story about a writer, pleasingly self-referential.

Looking back, I realize that I've posted far fewer recipes than I used to. That's because I've been awfully busy lately, and subsisting on muffins, juice, hot dogs and ramen. (Dave made me spaghetti last night, a welcome change. :-) I'll start eating real food again soon, promise. I did buy some yummy mango slices and frozen vanilla/ raspberry yoghurt, which go deliciously together.

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