Hmm…I’ve really gotten…

Hmm...I've really gotten lazy about weekends, haven't I? Well, I'm going back to Sunday and sticking something in for you that I meant to post yesterday...

Okay, all done. Lots to say. So the counter for March is at 165 right now, of which about 8 are my own. Averaging around 50 a day, which is certainly enough that I think it's worth continuing this. :-) I might have in any case, but it's nice to know people are listening. My friend Axinar also suggested another reason for continuing this diary -- contributing to my own immortality. He claims that someday when I'm dead and famous, scholars will try to figure out what my life was like, and this will make the job immeasurably easier. :-) Nice thought, anyway.

So a server in Ireland has offered me a home -- assuming they get back to me (the last person who offered me a site didn't), I think I may go with them come May. The person who's hosting me currently is leaving his job, and doubts his replacement will be quite so open-minded (and/or willing to risk possible legal repercussions). My friend has promised that I can leave a link up at the old address so people can find my new page... If you'd like to take a look at the new server, it's with these people.

20 min. later -- just talked to the Ireland people again (Dave Walsh), and it looks like a definite go on the page move. I don't want to deal with the hassle right now, but sometime in the next month, I'm moving to Ireland. :-)

As for the weekend, well, Friday was First Friday, so after the service for Martha's daughter (very sad, unsurprisingly) I went to the folksing, then crashed at my friend Abby's for the night. Great fun, as always. Took a little longer than I would have liked getting back (missed my train by 2 minutes, then had to wait an hour for the next one!), but managed to pass the time pleasantly with first Terry Pratchett's Strata (a fantastic sf romp which will bend your mind in unexpected directions/dimensions), and then a copy of Penthouse Variations (both loaned by Abby), the latter read solely for the writing style, so I can sell them stuff (uh huh, tell us another one...:-). Stopped by Reading Terminal Market on the way home, and would have picked up a bunch of yummy food (they have so much good stuff there), but my bank was closed (argh!), and they still haven't sent me my new ATM card, so I had very little cash, so I picked up what piddling groceries I could and went home. Kev doesn't get paid till Monday, so he couldn't help much. Still managed to make some moderately yummy food (though if you don't like liver, you wouldn't have enjoyed the liver curry I made Saturday night), supplemented by a potluck brunch on Sunday. Good way to get some variety into your diet when living on a shoestring...:-)

Brunch was good fun -- made cottage cheese and apple pancakes, Cape Cod apple pudding, and hash browns. People brought fruit salad, juice, quiche, coffee cake, hummus, vegetables and dip, so all around good spread. :-) Hung out for several hours, then they all dispersed. Re-read some more of Austen's Pride and Prejudice, then watched Mad About You, then David stopped by, and we talked for a while. Made beef curry for dinner, read a bit more, went to sleep. Good weekend.

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