So, quick summary of the…

So, quick summary of the weekend:
I cleaned my apartment.

No, really, that's about all I did. And finished Nancy Kress's Beggars and Choosers (pretty good) and a Zelazny short story anthology (hard to believe he's really gone), especially enjoying "A Rose for Ecclesiastes", which I had read years and years ago and forgotten. Oh, and I reread the Fionavar Tapestry (a fantasy trilogy by Guy Gavriel Kay, perhaps my favorite fantasy series of all time (though in many ways his subsequent novel Tigana is a better book) and one which continues to move me to tears on the 15th or 20th! re-reading.

Basically a very mellow weekend, with interludes of long overdue conversations with distant friends and occasional visits from local friends. A nice break. Found a yummy recipe (if you like asparagus). Remember those crepes I mentioned many entries ago? Boil asparagus for about a minute, break off tips and wrap stalks with a delicate melting cheese in the crepes. Bake 20 minutes at 400 degrees, serve with tips as garnish and an herb bechamel sauce (which you can skip if you're being vaguely health-conscious like I am). Very good even without the sauce, though could have used fresher asparagus than what I had available.

Dance class tonight, assuming I don't wimp out. Beginner jazz at Koresh Dance Center, 6:00. I used to be somewhat more competent, but since I've been out of practice all winter, I figure I'd best restart with beginner and then work my way up (hopefully quickly). Considering starting ballet as well, or street funk. :-)

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