"Truth decays into…

"Truth decays into beauty, while beauty soon becomes merely charm. Charm ends up as strangeness, and even that doesn't last, but up and down are forever." - The Laws of Physics

<grin>I liked these the first time I saw them, and was poking through some old files today and ran across them again, so I thought I'd share them. Sounds a lot like my love life -- tends to be rather rollercoasterish. :-)

Not much exciting to report -- came home, finished Cart and Cwidder and Catseye Gomez, both fun reads. Watched some television, including my beloved Party of Five, in which all sorts of interesting things happened. The sweet young thing was taught a lesson about holding on by letting go, which is all well and good, but her boyfriend's going across the country for college now, and college is four long years. If they manage to keep the relationship up, I'll be very surprised. Happy for them (especially 'cause she went through such hell getting him), but surprised. But I doubt my ramblings on this are of any interest to anybody who doesn't watch the show, so I'll stop here. :-)

Dave had spent much of the day visiting his niece (age 3) and nephew (age 5), and when he stopped by last night was full of stories. It's funny how much I miss kids -- none of my friends have 'em yet, and I just don't get to see very many except when I go home to visit.

If you come here directly, you may not have noticed the blue ribbon and black background on my home page. I'd like to ask you to take a look at them both, and follow the links to get information on them. The rest is up to you.

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