With the passing of the Exon Bill (Telecommunications Decency Act), it has unfortunately become imperative that I find a new (free) host for my web pages outside the U.S. (preferably in a country likely to stay on the side of freedom as the censorship battle goes on, such as Denmark). If you know of such a provider who would be able to cope with the heavy (3000+ hits per day) and increasing traffic on this site and who would be willing to host me, please let me know ASAP. The longer I am hosted by a U.S. site, the greater the chance that I will get caught up in a court battle, as we hash out the consequences of this ridiculous (and frightening) law.

Apologies to you all for the skimpiness of the last few days -- I was away for most of the weekend, and they moved my office today, so little computer access. We should return to our normally scheduled journal tomorrow.

I'm scared. I'll probably fight the court fight if I have to, but it's a little more publicity than I'm really ready for.

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