Sorry for the hiatus,…

Sorry for the hiatus, guys. The machine was down yesterday and I couldn't get in. Wouldn't have been able to write much in any case, because I've been typing my fingers into the ground finishing the rough draft of the interview. All done now -- just polishing and trimming to do. I'm really pretty happy with it -- I'm trying to figure out where else might like to buy reprint rights on an article interviewing some of the top erotica writers on-line. I know Penthouse has a HotTek column, but I'm not sure what other sex magazines or net-focused magazines would be interested. Any suggestions?

Other than that, life is pretty good. Sunday I had a potluck brunch which extended into dinner and a game of Cosmic Encounter (a very fun game that I used to play years ago and which Kevin gave me a copy of for Christmas) with some friends. Monday had dinner at Sarah's (other Penn mathematician) - vegetable dumplings and miso soup -- easier to make than I had expected. Just chop up your favorite vegetables very small and put a little bit in the center of little dumpling sheets that you can buy at the store and use some warm water to fold over and seal them. Then boil, steam or fry them, as desired. For miso soup you apparently just make a clear soup and add a chunk of miso (dissolved in a little hot soup first, as if you were adding flour). I guess you buy miso in the Asian part of town? And yesterday I went over to David's after work and after finishing the rough interview. Chicken stir-fry for dinner, and Cherry Garcia ice cream! (One of my three favorite flavors). One might go off into interesting speculation on what kind of guy would give ice cream rather than flowers, but since David reads this occasionally, I think I'll spare him that. :-)

Hmmm...looking back over these entries (and the diary in general) I find more than a few references to food. Oh well -- I'm fond of it. Food is one of the great joys of life, as far as I'm concerned.

Re: books (one of the other major forces in my life) I've been a little slow lately - too much socializing. Reread The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Douglas Adams), sequel to Hitchhiker's. Great, of course. Currently almost finished with latest issue of Tomorrow SF, a somewhat disappointing read in comparison with Century, but with one story I really liked, "A Piece-a Chain," told in the voice of a scared black kid who finds (and is changed by) some magic to help him cope with the violence of his everyday life. Also in the middle of Anne of Avonlea, which I had started quite a while ago and am just now picking up again.

Finally almost over my cold -- I slept about 10 hours last night and am feeling much better. I've been trying to put up the .jpg of the graphic that the Australian Cool Site of the Day people sent me, but with no luck. I Just get a broken picture, and I don't know enough about graphics to know why. Sigh. I did okay ftp'ing the Magellan .gif, but the Aussies mailed me theirs, and I suspect I messed up in stripping the headers or somesuch.

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