Good evening, everyone….

Good evening, everyone. Not a whole lot to report, since I'm still sick and mostly have been schlepping around the house trying to get well (and not really succeeding, although my cold does seem to be moving around a fair bit -- last night was hacking cough -- today it's incessant sneezing. sigh). I did drag myself out to a party last night despite illness, and glad I did, because I ran into a friend whom I haven't seen in a few months (he's been very busy with exams) and who I think is pretty cute and who I think was perhaps flirting back with me? Not sure, but perhaps we will see where this goes? Oh, sometimes I think I am a fool, but then again, youth is short and sweet and now is the time to be foolish, no? What's a little fling between good friends? It's fun to think about, anyway.

Today re-reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a ridiculously funny book by Douglas Adams. On something like the 4th or 5th re-reading he still has me laughing out loud -- very impressive.

Not much else to say, actually. Behind on collating interviews for the magazine article -- must do tomorrow morning! Feeling too spacy to attempt it tonight. Should also get to bed moderately early since I'm having some friends over for potluck brunch tomorrow. Somehow even though I know I'm sick I have a hard time convincing myself to slow down.

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