Ugh, what a morning. The…

Ugh, what a morning. The toilet's stopped up; I missed my bus by 20 seconds and had to walk in (pleasant some days, but I was/am cold today); and I'm feeling sick. On the plus side, yesterday I managed to make two batches of baking powder biscuits (yum!) and ate the soup I made Saturday morning with salad that our friend Sarah brought over and chocolate pudding pie (very very easy -- just add milk to Jello chocolate pudding mix and pour into graham cracker crust -- chill 2 hours). Also made and hung curtains (well, I still have to hang one of them, but I'll do it tonight), dark green, for the bedroom. I've been in a domestic mood lately, can you tell? :-)

So the workshop Saturday. Well, I did get a bunch of useful crits of my story "Worse than Dragons" (wish I could share it with you, but I'm trying to sell this one, so I need to keep it quiet) which is a fun little fairytale. Basically they liked it, but thought I spent too much lead time on it and was weak on plot. Loved the voice/characters. Pretty typical of my writing, I'm afraid -- I can do style and character and voice -- plot is tough. If I'm not careful, I'll spend all my time doing little character vignettes which are fun but don't sell!

On the negative side, the group (largish - 20 people?) seems to socialize a lot and work little. We spent about 9 hours doing work that could easily have been done in 4-5. I'm not sure what to do about that in the future except bring a book.

Last night I hosted the local Poly Support Group meeting -- usually a fun thing and useful, but this one was frustrating because I wasn't in the mood to be social and hostess-y (usually I enjoy it) and because a couple of rather loud people dominated the discussion and sort of overpowered the quieter ones. Which I guess happens a lot in meetings, but I'm not an experienced enough moderator to know how to fix it. Yick.

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