Community in a Time of Pandemic

Takeout from Rustico

Trying a new restaurant for dinner tonight, takeout from Rustico. Kavi really liked the chicken piccata; I found the patatas bravas addictive (and a great value — you get so much!). Anand had five slices of pizza, so I guess the blue cheese on it didn’t scare him off. (Kavi was less convinced.) #takeout25oakpark #shoplocal

Here for Each Other

Quick shout-out to Madhurima Chakraborty and husband Kris Stokes, who organized an online hyperlocal crafts fair to support local artisans and Oak Park Mutual Aid — all the artisans donated at least 10% of sales (some a lot more) to OPMA as part of the project. (Madhurima is now on the ballot for our local …

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The Irish Shop

Persimmons are in season, hooray! Joined by a breakfast fresh-made scone (they bake on Fridays, but have them in the freezer other days), slathered in rich Kerrygold butter, from The Irish Shop (on Oak Park Ave, just a little south of Lake). Not a local restaurant, exactly, but totally worth supporting, especially since in addition …

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Hoping for Lake Theatre

Walked around downtown Oak Park a bit yesterday for exercise — nice to see the holiday decorations and the Chanukah messaging on the movie theater. I miss going to the movies. Really hope Lake Theatre manages to hang in there over the winter.

The Laneways

Good morning, folks. Coming out of this morning’s iGov meeting, I had an idea that I wanted to run past people, something that might help out some of our struggling businesses. (This is mainly aimed at locals, though others with relevant experience are welcome to weigh in!) In Melbourne, there’s an area called the Laneways. …

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Opening Day Bagel

I had to go get myself an Opening Day bagel at The Daly Bagel, 130 Chicago Ave. Woot! Go, Amanda Daly! If you didn’t manage to pre-order, locals will be glad to know that they can walk in (between 8 and 2) and pick up a fresh, delicious bagel, chewable and luscious. Please wear a mask to …

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Making Bias Tape by Hand

Made bias tape by hand tonight, to make fabric ties for ICU nurse masks. Oof — tedious and time-consuming. Feeling grateful for the makers who have switched their 3D printers to cranking out bias tape makers cheaply, selling them on Etsy. So many people doing their part, in unexpected ways.

Pleased to Note

Really pleased to note that my mutual aid group is merging with another mutual aid group — we’ve both been working, but they’ve done all the things I haven’t had time to do yet, so this is super-exciting to me. . More very soon, including how locals can get involved with it.