My little perennial starts

Garden log 2/9/24. Finally remember to go check on my little perennial starts (alliums and salvia) in the basement, and thankfully, although I’d forgotten to water for long enough that the soil had gone bone-dry (a perennial problem for me), the self-watering tray apparently got them water for long enough that they were still thriving.

All thoroughly watered now, but I’m wondering what next — should I be planning to move them up into bigger pots at some point? How do I know when is the right time?

And it’s so warm out right now (high of 57F today), I wouldn’t normally be planting hardy perennials until April or mid-March at the earliest, but I’m so tempted to just plant them in the garden!

But we’re projected to see some more nighttime temps around 20F in two weeks (and daytime dropping back to 29F), so I will restrain that impulse, and stick to nurturing them in pots for at least another month, I think.

So — move them up into bigger pots now? Later? When? Advice welcome!

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