A little bewildered by this

Shopping help? I’m a little bewildered by this. So I bought a mold to make this hydroponic vase out of resin. It came with the mold, for the base and stand, the metal bars, two plastic vases with holes cut in the appropriate places, and little rubber stoppers to keep the bars and vases in the right place.

So I made this holder out of resin, and I like it — I added little flowers and leaves to it, it’s very cute. I took it over to Good Earth Greenhouse a few days ago (along with a bunch of other stuff), and they’re potentially interested in carrying it. So I’d need to make more.

The problem is that the full kit sells for $25, which means if I give Good Earth a reasonable wholesale discount, I’d need to charge quite a lot for the finished version. I’d think the resin mold would be the most expensive part of the kit, and I don’t need more of the molds, so I was hoping I could find the other pieces for something in the $10 – $15 range.

But I can’t actually find the other pieces at all. The original seller only has the kit available (I e-mailed and checked), and there’s a language barrier, so I wasn’t able to get from them any info on where I might get the other pieces. And googling is failing me. Any thoughts? I don’t want to spend hours browsing the web trying to hunt this down, but it’d be nice to be able to make more of these and sell them for a reasonable price!


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