One Worked, One Didn’t

Two bits of decor from Kavi’s sari day party — one worked, one didn’t really.

  • the neon sign ($84) I kind of love, and I’m hoping she wants it in her room and to take it off to college with her, maybe for her first apartment post-college? You can get all kinds of customized signs on Etsy, it turns out, link in comments.
  • The flower garlands were SO PRETTY in person, and I had fun making them with my friend Rebecca Keller‘s daughter, Izzy (mostly Izzy making them!), but they really needed a different backdrop than the Conservatory wall there. ALAS. Maybe I could’ve tacked up a white sheet or something; I’m not sure. If we’d hung them outside, I think the wind would have whipped them around too much. Sigh.

Link to flowers in comments — we tied them to string, and then hot-glued to keep them in place. They also somehow got horribly tangled on the way there, despite my efforts to pack them carefully, and it took the combined efforts of several people over many minutes to mostly untangle them, and I’m sort of dreading untangling how they got packed post-party, but they really are pretty, and I’m probably going to try to find somewhere in the house to hang them — maybe in the kids’ playroom, which is transitioning to more of a teen hangout space. We’ll see.

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