A Good Meeting

Had a good Serendib Press meeting with Stephanie Bailey this morning — I was so hectic this past semester that everything got really disorganized. This summer is hopefully going to be a time to organize things and put them out in a more coherent way going forward. There’s a lot potentially going on:

1) Books — we’re working on this whole thing of really developing both the cookbook publishing and the re-releasing of my backlist, plus I have the books from Riverdale Avenue, so in the queue right now:

a) cookbooks: we’re about to start taking pre-orders for little ebooks ($1.99) of Serendib Cocktails and Serendib Tea Party, hope to have those out pretty soon, actually — maybe June?

b) cancer books: re-release Perennial (out) & Tornado (coming very soon), maybe a launch party in July around my birthday, maybe at the South Asia Institute?

c) erotica: we’re planning to re-release Silence and the Word, Torn Shapes of Desire, and possibly a set of novellas I wrote way back when — the timing’s unclear, but looking at the rest of this, maybe August is worth shooting for?

2) Events:

a) I’ve had a bunch of local libraries contacting me about doing Sri Lankan spice mixing and cooking events lately; I think once you do one, you get on the librarians’ radar? 🙂 Which is great, so I’m updating my booking page to make it clearer what food-related workshops I offer (Stephanie, it occurs to me that we should add “How to Write a Cookbook” as an option, can you follow up with me to write a description of that?), what I charge (usually $300 – $400 for a non-profit), etc.

b) I’m also going to try to book some other cookbook-related events; I have a list of some local places to follow up with, but please reach out if you’re interested!

c) and of course, I’m still doing Zoom events, so feel free to contact me for those too — corporate rates will be a wee bit higher than non-profit, fyi. 🙂


There’s more in the works, but that’s a taste of this morning’s meeting, anyway. If you want to be tagged in to the pre-order page when it goes up, comment below! And now I have to go prep for the SLF meeting at 11….

(Pictured: species tulip Tinka — I like how it splays wide open in the light of midday, and then closes up again at night — it’s pretty both ways)

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