Kavi’s Sweet 16 Party Set

Stopped at the Oak Park Conservatory on the way home from work and FINALLY got the contract set up for Kavi’s Sari Day sweet 16 party. Whew.

They were having some weird glitch where all my e-mails to the event planning person just disappeared, and the person and I have been trying to sort this out for a solid month on the phone, and it has been AMAZINGLY frustrating, but I’m finally ankle-healed enough to drive again, so I was able to stop by in person, and it was all set in fifteen minutes (how long it took her to draw up the contract while I wandered around and took pretty pics.)

Next step, finalize schedule plan with Kev, then send invite to relatives. It’s mostly going to be Kavi’s friends and our relatives, with hopefully a few close friends of ours too, but we’re not going to do as big a bash as we did for our 25th anniversary party…

…so if you got an invite to that, and not to this, it is not that we don’t love you anymore. We’re just doing this a little smaller. 🙂 We still love you, and if you’re out-of-towners, you should definitely come visit us in Chicago sometime!

I don’t know what that first purple flower is, but isn’t it funky?

Ten seconds of koi pond

Ten seconds of tiny waterfall

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