Wide Awake

Oh, rough night. I don’t know what happened — I was thinking about Suzy, and re-reading her “Unicorn Tapestry” before bed, and it got late, but I went to bed by midnight or so…but then I woke up at 2 a.m. and I was just WIDE AWAKE.

I tried to sleep for a while, then got up and did some chores, putting away laundry, hoping that would make me feel virtuous enough I’d go blithely back to sleep, but no luck. I got a snack, and some decaf tea. No help. I read some more of Sugi’s book. Not exactly dozy reading, so maybe not the best choice. And I was awake, awake, awake.

Finally gave up and got up at 5, and have been doing chores (I’m trying to get the house organized before the semester starts, so I don’t go nuts trying to find things after it starts; there’s been much basement organizing this week), and now I have to prep a little for a SLF meeting at 11, and I think I can get through that meeting coherently, but it’s a very good thing I have nothing else I *have* to do today, because my brain is really barely functioning. Sigh.

Maybe I can nap this afternoon. I’m TERRIBLE at napping, my body usually just refuses, but I can try.

On the plus side, my “Lovely Nymph” amaryllis has started to bloom, and it’s quite splendid. I was going to write “Arya approves,” but actually, given the expression on his face, I don’t know that approval is actually what’s on his mind. “Arya wants to know why I’m taking plant photos instead of giving him scritches and treats” is probably more accurate.

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