Congrats to Sugi for Her New Novel

Okay, it’s been a very long day, but now I get to reward myself with Sugi Ganeshananthan‘s new novel, _Brotherless Night_, which launched today! CONGRATS, SUGI! We’re all super proud of you!!!

I am tucking myself up in bed, congratulating myself for remembering to post on launch day (with a whole 8 minutes to go) and diving in. I loved her previous novel, _Love Marriage_, and I can’t wait to read this one!


“Sixteen-year-old Sashi wants to become a doctor. But over the next decade, as a vicious civil war subsumes Sri Lanka, her dream takes her on a different path as she watches those around her, including her four beloved brothers and their best friend, get swept up in violent political ideologies and their consequences. She must ask herself: is it possible for anyone to move through life without doing harm?”

(Link in comments!)

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