Garden Log 1/1/23

I started the New Year off with a plant order at Old House Gardens. It’s not too early to place orders for spring planting — some items are already sold out. They specialize in rare and old breeds, and have limited quantities.

I think their prices are pretty reasonable, and I’ve had good success with their plants in the past. My favorite so far are the Pallida Dalmatica irises I bought several years ago — still going strong and multiplying! Recommended.

Their descriptions are also fun to read!

“White Aster dahlia, 1879, Rarest.

This is the world’s oldest surviving garden dahlia. (Do you need to know more?) With fresh green foliage and hundreds of small, ivory globes – each touched in the center with a bit of honey, or sunshine? – it has all the pristine, elemental beauty of a newborn baby. Preserved by a German nursery that has specialized in dahlias for close to a century, it’s a timeless classic.”

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