Garden Log 12/30/22

I’m not likely to get the whole house in order before New Year’s Day, and I’m not even trying to put that on myself! But I’ve been enjoying going through room by room and setting some of them to rights — making sure the plants have water, removing any dry leaves, and just appreciating them.

It’s paperwhite time here — this batch is blooming gorgeously, which means it’s time to start another batch now (or at least soon). And the hellebores from Trader Joe’s are blooming too, and the new amaryllis is getting ready to bloom.

Most of the old amaryllises seems to just be putting up leaves and not blooms; I’m afraid they were too neglected over the winter to bloom this year. I’m tempted to fertilize now and see if it helps, but maybe it’s too late for that this year, and I should just let them be green leaves this time around, and try to take slightly better care of them over the next year?

I’d really like to get the hang of properly re-blooming both amaryllises and orchids; I think they just take slightly more attention and nurture than I’ve given them so far. Is there room in my life to nurture them enough right now? I’m not sure. We’ll see, I guess, what the next year holds.

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