Garden Log 6/15/22

The tornado that came vaguely close to us didn’t do too much damage at our place the other night, but it did blow down a trellis that wasn’t secured to the wall (I’m not sure how to secure a trellis to a stucco garage wall, but I suppose I should figure that out), and in the process, snapped one of the long stems of the climbing rose.

Luckily the main stem survived intact, and we were able to pull the trellis back up and wedge it in again. Then we cut out the snapped stem, in pieces, so we could pull it out of the trellis frame, and brought the pieces inside.

The fun part about all this is that now my mantel is graced with a magnficient display of at least 50 blooming red roses, and I feel very lady-of-the-manor with such glory to behold. 🙂 We only got poked a few times in the process, too!

When they start fading, I’ll collect the petals and save them for potpourri or bath salts. Alternatively, I could’ve saved all the fresh petals and cooked them down to make a rose simple syrup for cocktails, etc., or use them in a Sri Lankan rose salad (recipe here:…/rosappu-pachadi-rose-or…/)

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