Garden Log 6/11/22

Went to the West Cook Wild Ones sale to pick up my pre-ordered native plants. It’s turned into a big production, but they tell me they always need more volunteers, so locals, if you’re interested in learning more about native gardening, this is a great group to join. (

One of my tasks in the garden for this weekend is to get all these babies in the ground, which means my next task is to look them all up and figure out if they’re sun or shade, then figure out where they go. This year, I ended up with:

– thimbleweed (new to my garden)
– jack-in-the-pulpit
– swamp (rose) milkweed
– whorled milkweed
– white wild indigo (Baptisia)
– shooting star
– wild geranium
– prairie smoke
– blue flag iris
– prairie blazing star
– cardinal flower
– great blue lobelia
– eastern bee balm
– woodland phlox
– prairie phlox
– obedient plant (new to my garden)
– foamflower (new to my garden)
– blue vervain (new to my garden)

– ironweed

Whew! I also have to figure out how I can possibly jam these all into my already crowded garden, but luckily, prairie plants usually seem fine being tightly packed together? Let’s hope so, anyway.

If you missed the pre-order window, they do still have some available for sale, discounted, so swing by the Forest Preserve (a little tricky to find, Apple Maps will lead you astray, you want to take Roosevelt west, turn left at 1st Ave., then turn left at the 1st traffic light — there’s a big sign on the grass for the native plant pick-up).

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