Garden Log 5/12/22

I planted some strawberries in the ground at the edge of a bed a few years ago, and they’ve been very happy there, spreading and multiplying and making delicious strawberries. The only challenge is that it’s on the ground, which means that I need to find the ripe strawberries by lifting up the leaves, and if I leave them too long, they’ll rot, which would be tragic. I could put straw under them, but this is right at the front of an otherwise ornamental bed, so it wouldn’t look so pretty, and there are some strawberry risers that I could slip under them, and I might try that. But I thought since they were so happy, I might try doing a full-on strawberry planter.

There are a lot of ready-made strawberry planters out there! But I wanted a fairly large structure, where I could also fit in a fairy garden, because I’m hoping that since I’m setting this up in the parkway, little kids will stop by and play with the fairies and help themselves to some strawberries. (All organic, neighbors, please help yourselves!)

So I ordered one (from Gardener’s Supply), and when it arrived, I realized it was going to need a lot of dirt, and my strawberries probably wouldn’t need that much, so I found some leftover large plastic pots with drainage holes and stuck them in to take up some space, and then I added organic potting soil (which still took something like two full bags, whew!). And then came the fun parts — adding strawberries around the edges, throwing in a couple blueberry plants, what the heck, adding a few decorative geranium flowers, and then arranging the fairy garden.

I think it came out pretty well — now I just have to manage to keep it watered! And pick up a few stepping stones for the mulched strip on the ground next to it, so kids can come play with the fairies without crushing any of my other plants. 🙂

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