From Half-Sari to Sari

Hey, South Asian peeps — I have a cultural question. You know how there’s a point when a young woman transitions from wearing a half-sari to a sari? Is there a name for that moment?

I know there’s a whole set of rituals that go along with puberty and wearing the half-sari for the first time, but we have joyfully skipped over all that. (Ritu Kala Samskaram ceremony, it looks like that’s called?) It looks like the traditional folks who follow that practice first wear the full sari on their wedding day, but we are not waiting for that, clearly!

I’m mostly asking because I think Kavi has been enjoying her friends’ quinceañeras, and for her 15th birthday this year, I think we might do a thing where she invites her friends to dress up with her in saris and I take them out for a meal somewhere. Mostly, she’d like a dress-up party, and if it’s culturally relevant, all the better.

So I’m wondering if there’s a name for that. 🙂 (A Tamil name preferably, I guess, but I’ll take anything…) I’m guessing not, but thought I’d ask! Maybe it’s time for an update……/

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