Garden Log 3/25/22

I barely got these bulbs in the ground last fall; I was swamped with work, and on what was probably the last day we could possibly get them in before winter, I made the whole family go out and dig up the soil and throw these in. I’m sure the squirrels got some of them, but it looks like some made it through.

I haven’t quite figured out what to do with these beds — they were originally intended for bulbs (for a cutting garden) and vegetables, but they don’t really quite coexist happily, at least not when there are so many bulbs jammed in there. Plus there wasn’t really enough sun here for the veggies to thrive (the bulbs did fine, since they bloomed before the trees leafed out).

But last summer, I had some tree guys who had to take off some branches that were hitting a neighbor’s roof also take off some extra branches, hopefully opening this area up to a little more sun.

So I think the plan is to let the daffodils and tulips bloom, then dig them up and move them into the regular garden flower beds, and take a real stab at growing veggies here this summer. We’ll see — fingers crossed.

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