$9.99 Hellebores

Trader Joe’s has their $9.99 hellebores in, so I picked up three of them. (Hellebores are usually closer to $25 in nurseries.) I’m going to try what I did last year — start them in planters so I get flowers in the garden as early as possible, then move them into the ground once they’re done blooming, with the hopes that they’ll come back next year.

I made a toddler cry today, which wasn’t my intent. I’d set up a fairy house in a planter right next to our little free library — I had some last year on the ground, but I thought I’d elevate some in pots this year, so they’d be a little more visible.

She liked the little fairy house SO MUCH, that when her mother said it was time to go home, she burst into tears and wailed all the way down the block. “I don’t WANT to go home!” Oops!

If that was your child, sorry!

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