Making Cashew Milk Toffee This Morning

But for a change, not for sale; this batch is for a small upcoming family event. Which means, among other things, that the person who taught me the recipe will be eating them, so I have to pay some attention and hopefully get them exactly right this time. It’s a little more stressful making Sri Lankan food for Sri Lankans, because they’ll know if you mess it up. 🙂

That said, I’m hoping for a pretty nice day today. Yesterday I was so harried, I forgot to take my meds, which meant that I was extra tired and dragging all day (being low on both thyroid hormone AND my ADD meds is a double-whammy). I came home after teaching, and basically climbed right into bed and ordered Thai food. After a few hours of watching the last season of Supergirl and eating shumai and tom kha gai, I felt replenished enough to do a load of laundry — and then I went right to sleep.

Feeling much better today, so can hopefully do ALL the things. The guys are coming over to help with production, so they should be able to cut up milk toffee and marshmallows for me, and wrap some rich cake too. (If it comes out well — fingers crossed that the vegan version is tasty.)

I’m also hoping to make a vegan biryani today to photograph for the cookbook — we’re wrapping up the recipes by the end of November, I swear. I’ve pushed back the deadline (and launch date) a few times, but I’d really love to be able to have a finished clean manuscript by mid-December, so we can start print production — and also, so I can send a PDF to the Kickstarter backers, so they get a little holiday present early.

So mostly cooking today, some sewing, some gardening — today and tomorrow are gorgeous days, and we need to get the yard in order before it gets cold again. Bulbs and lingering perennials planted, hoses cleaned up and stored for the winter, etc. There’s honestly a lot to get done, and even with the guys here, I’m not sure we’ll get through it all before I leave town early Thursday morning — I think I’ll see if any of them are available to work Wednesday too this week. Sometimes, you just need a little extra help.

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