Perennial & Garden Tool Exchange

Locals, I’m hosting a perennial & garden tool exchange the weekend of the 23rd / 24th on my porch. Details in the Oak Park Area Garden Club group, under events. I’m not sure you can see the event unless you actually join the group.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Friday anytime or Saturday morning, drop off anything you’d like to contribute on Mary Anne’s porch: plants, tools, pots, etc. Labelling is very much appreciated! If you can bring things in containers (plastic bags, old pots, etc.) that are easy to take away again, also good. I’ll have some plastic pots on hand, but mostly smaller ones, also some Ziplocs.
  2. Come back on Saturday or Sunday to browse and pick up things you like. Also feel free to wander in the front garden. Around teatime (2-5), I’ll probably be hanging out on the porch for some of it, possibly with tea and cookies if I feel inspired.

Roughly a 1:1 exchange in theory, but we’re not strict about it — if you’re a new gardener and have nothing to contribute yet, maybe stop by Sunday afternoon and see what’s left. If you’re someone with a mature garden and have a lot of divisions to give away, you don’t have to take anything. 🙂

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