Thanks, Science!

Yesterday I met Lori Rader-Day for lunch at Forno Rosso (very yummy pizza), delivering some teacup masks to her (I do adore this fabric, I think I want a whole dress out of it at some point), making plans for tea party DEATH AT GREENWAY book launch in two weeks (see previous post), celebrating her book’s GLOWING mention in THE NEW YORK TIMES (!), and generally having a very nice time with a friend. It’s been a stressful week (weeks). I needed this.

Really glad that even though the pandemic isn’t over, vaccines are making it much more possible to socialize. When I’m cut off from people, I really fall apart, in ways that weren’t so evident to me until I started socializing again and realized how low my spirits had really been. Despite all the ongoing stress, there’s a lot more joy around this fall than last fall. Hooray for vaccines. Thanks, science!

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