Some Alteration Photos

Waiting for the dance to finish and trying to stay awake so I can go pick Kavi up, so here are some alteration photos. In addition to hemming the dress (slightly tricky with the funky fabric which kept wanting to curl in various directions, but I just rolled the hem and sewed it down, and ironing hides a world of errors), I wanted to replace the straps.

The spaghetti straps that came with the dress were adjustable like bra straps, which is nice in theory, but they were also very thin (and a bit scratchy), and if we adjusted them tightly enough to pull the bodice up to where Kavi wanted it to sit (which I agreed would look better), they cut into the flesh of her shoulder very uncomfortably.

But since we’d all that extra fabric from hemming, that was a relatively simple fix. Kavi and I are both big fans of comfort in clothing — uncomfortable clothing is basically not allowed in our wardrobes.

I cut out 3″ x 16″ pieces (in both the lining fabric and the fancy fabric), sewed a tube, turned it inside out, and ironed it flat to make wider straps. Then just cut off the old spaghetti straps and sewed them on (after pinning and checking fit). I certainly didn’t do a couture-quality job on the sewing (I’m still pretty novice on the dressmaking skills), but for an evening high school event for a 14-year-old, I think it came out fine. 🙂

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