Yet Another Weekday Alteration Project

Yes, it’s yet another weekday alteration project. About 45 minutes. This is what happens when you are petite and everything is too long on you. This is another dress I picked up secondhand at Trends Oak Park — I really am much more willing to make drastic changes to secondhand clothes, somehow. I guess mostly because they’re cheap, so if I ruin them with my novice alterations, it’s not as painful.

For this dress, I was considering three alterations — shortening it, taking in the top just a bit, and adding snaps and thread to the straps so I could secure my bra straps. (No one should wear a bra unless they want to, but even post-reduction surgery, if I go all day without one, my back starts to hurt, alas.)

I ended up skipping the snaps and thread — just didn’t have the patience for hand-sewing last night. I might add them at some point. But I did shorten the dress, taking off six inches, which was coincidentally exactly the width I needed to make a mask, and also took the dress to the length I was looking for.

But wait, there’s more. (See next post…)

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