Planning for Amaryllis

So, I’m going to try to actually plan for my amaryllis bulbs coming back this year. Last year was the first year I had some repeat, and I just let them do what they did haphazardly. But I wanted to try to organize it a bit more this time. Advice, please?

Instructions I found online say: “In late summer or early fall, remove the bulb from the soil and allow the bulb to dry out completely in a warm dry place. In 5-6 weeks, when the leaves are dead and the bulb is dry, cut off the dry leaves.

Simply repot your bulb in fresh potting soil to start the growing cycle again!”

Does that seem right? I’ve got them at several stages — some are completely dried out already (maybe too dried out, not sure), some have long leaves (no sign of flower sprouts), and some are just starting what might be leaves or might be flower sprouts. I’m wondering what I should be doing with each right now.

Another site said to store at 40-45F for 4-6 weeks after they’ve dried out, before repotting. Which I think means in my basement fridge…

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