A Little Parched and Sad

My garden is a little parched and sad, always, in late summer.It’s worse this year, because I didn’t get manage to get my dahlias planted, which makes me quite mopey — usually I have lots of dahlia blooms right now, going all the way into November.

I don’t know if I can store them to plant next year, or if they won’t have enough goodness to survive? Thoughts welcome. I almost want to plant them in pots and put them under grow lights, just to let them grow indoors and soak up some nutrition, but maybe that’s just goofy.

But I went out and picked up some mums, and they’re going to add a little brightness to what is otherwise mostly a weedy green mess. Pops of flowers here and there, but generally, gah. The weeds are really quite disheartening — it’s hard for me to weed when it’s so hot, but I think I need to go do a little bit today, and get these planted, and hopefully that will help.

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