Cloth masks

I admit, I thought about stopping mask production entirely, now that that it’s easy to order KN-95s, which give better protection. I wasn’t sure it was justifiable to keep selling cloth masks.

But on the other hand, you can layer a cloth mask over a surgical mask and get a pretty similar level of protection — it’ll be thicker and less breathable than a KN-95, but for situations like mine, where I’m going into teach a class for 90 minutes, I think I’ll be fine with that.

And then there’s the aesthetic factor — does wearing a pretty / geeky / coordinating mask make people more likely to cheerfully mask up through the winter? I don’t love going around with a blue surgical mask on my face in day-to-day life, I admit; it feels depressingly medical.

So I guess where I’ve ended up is that I’m still selling cloth masks, but I encourage you to double-mask, especially if you’re expecting to be indoors with people. We’ve added autumn and Halloween masks back into the Serendib store, so shop away.

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