Pleasant morning

Woke up weirdly early today (around 4 a.m.), but it was okay; I lay in bed and thought about a story I’m working on for a while, figured out another little piece of it. I don’t have quite enough yet to start writing, I think, but soon. I actually started this story once before, but I was in the wrong point of view; I’m going to rewrite it from the other protagonist’s viewpoint, and it will be much better, I’m pretty sure.

This is possibly the last story I need to draft for the Jump Space book, so that’s exciting — even though there’ll be some revision work after this, if I can be finished with the drafting of the book by the end of the summer (school starts on 8/23 for me), that would be satisfying. We’ll see — wish me luck!

Eventually, I switched to reading, and just finished reading _Next Year, For Sure_, by Zoey Leigh Peterson. I’d recommend it, though it’s not quite what I expected. I came into it thinking it was a poly book, and it’s definitely not written from within poly culture (even though author Peterson has at times been poly herself). So I spent a little while feeling sort of alienated from it, like, ‘this person is getting my culture wrong.’

But as I read on, it became clearer that this was more about loneliness and friendship and wanting alternate ways to structure relationships than about poly per se, and the main characters don’t have any knowledge of or connection with poly culture; they’re figuring out new patterns on their own. Once I got that, the book ‘clicked’ for me, and in the end, I quite like it, and would recommend it to anyone interested in loneliness, in relationships, in social pressure around relationships, in friendship.

Moving on to some more treat box production now — “Morningstar Sedge” tea towels, going in the Sol System and Interstellar boxes. Watching Project Runway while I sew. Pleasant morning. These will be available in the Serendib Shop shortly as well.

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