Chugging along on finishing up lingering projects — the last of the backlogged mask & curry powder orders went out yesterday, thank you for your patience, folks! I think I’m all caught up to orders placed through July 29th; hoping to take care of the last week’s orders tomorrow. V. exciting. 🙂

I also spent a while going through the massive mending, etc. piles in the basement — they’d gotten a little out of hand. Now that I’ve finally gotten the basement cleared enough that I can sew again, I’d like to deal with some of these.

I’ve now re-organized into various categories:

– clothes that seem fine, and maybe they just didn’t fit me quite right when I put them down here, but my shape has changed enough that they fit well now? Sort of mysterious, but there were several pieces in that category, so I guess they just get put away in my closet now…

– see if consignment store wants (they took 3 of them, so that was nice)

– donate (waiting in the car now to run over to Brown Elephant sometime soon)

– easy mending / tailoring (about a dozen pieces that need things like hemming, which I’m going to try to get through this weekend)

– pieces where I love the fabric but not the shape of the piece, and I want to take them apart and try to make something I actually like, which may be beyond my sewing skills…

– embroidery projects (big pile of sweaters that got attacked by moths, sigh, would like to learn how to do decorative mending to make them wearable again, will wait for a day when I am feeling ambitious / creative / in a mood to learn something new)

Progress. Feels good.

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