It’s So Great Being Able to Have People Over to the House Again

Yesterday, Stephanie Bailey, Emmanuel Henderson and Ethan Heung were all able to come over to the house for a Serendib meeting.

  • Ethan (one of our summer interns) continued working on getting my backlist of stories and essays up on the website — jeez, there’s a lot that’s not up there! Will post some new stuff shortly for your reading delectation. Surely you have a day job you can avoid with some fun reading?
  • Emmanuel watched a video on how to use HootSuite (I think?) and then worked on setting up really pretty Instagram stories — my Instagram is getting fancy under his good management. We’ve rearranged things a little — it’s all under Serendib House now, so please take a look and follow if Instagram is your kind of thing:
  • Stephanie and I went over the Vegan Serendib production schedule, making a shared Trello board to help us keep track of it all — next step, gathering the people who said they’d test cook and sending them the recipes
  • we also realized that we *should* be able to get Silence and the Word up as an ebook fairly easily, since I have the Word doc and she has Vellum; if we have time, I’m thinking we might release it on my birthday this year (July 26th) — wouldn’t that be a fun 50th birthday activity? (Silence and the Word is my second collection, a mix of fiction, essays, and poetry. Some of it is somewhat adult. 🙂 )
  • and after all that, I fed them lots of lunch (Thai yellow curry chicken and potatoes with rice, plus nibbles), which I find very satisfying in the DEPTHS OF MY SOUL, and then E & E cut the morning’s tray of milk toffee for me; since Ethan is allergic to nuts, this batch I tried a different variation, with raisins, and people, it’s delicious. Going out in the Patreon summer treat boxes. I love making milk tofffee and marshmallows, but I do get a little bored with cutting batch after batch after batch…

Really terrific progress in just a few hours, SO GREAT having them working at the house once a week!

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