A New Volunteer

Spent an hour and a half on SLF stuff this morning — specifically, it looks like we’re bringing a new volunteer on board, Paul Goerner, a UIC master’s student with a strong interest in public education and community outreach centered in speculative arts. Looking forward to working with him. 🙂

I’m pretty excited that between Summer and Paul, we should have two strong people who can take over coordinating volunteer efforts going forward. It’s been an ongoing issue, that I haven’t had the time to really organize volunteers, and I think this will likely help a lot, making it possible for the SLF to greatly expand over the next few years. I have big dreams, people. Giant global dreams. We’ll see if we can make it happen.

Plan for the rest of today — do a little cooking (two final recipes to finalize for Vegan), do a little sewing, make some curry powder, hopefully write a few more scenes, exercise, clean a room or two, put away some laundry.

Not the plan for the rest of today: spend the whole day reading T. Kingfisher novels. (I have read three in the last three days. I am utterly addicted.)

I will graciously allow myself an hour of reading over lunch, though.

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