A Baby in Blessings

Spoonflower has just put some of its apparel fabrics 15% off (also free shipping on fabric ’til Friday), including their Organic Sweet Pea Gauze, which I’ve heard from other sewists works well for swaddle blankets.

So I tried making one — but I think I could probably use an actual baby for a model, as opposed to my Valentine’s day gnome… Now who do I know with a baby….? I’d be happy to send you a “Mayura Raksha” peacock swaddle blanket (blue or pink are the colors I have on hand at the moment, lavender, bright yellow and hot pink coming later) in exchange for some cute photos. (And in case you’re worrying about it, I think ALL babies are cute.)

Happy with the swaddle blanket otherwise, though! We’ll be adding it. The Mayura Raksha is believed to bring peace, harmony and wealth — perfect for wrapping a baby in blessings. 🙂

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