A Meal Together

Roshani texted me to come for breakfast this morning, so I rolled out of bed and joined her at Delia’s. So nice to both be vaccinated and able to have a meal together — and Delia’s is quiet on weekday mornings, so it felt comfortable to eat indoors. I had the eggs florentine (with a nice hollandaise sauce on top), and it was delicious, though too much food for me; I brought half of it back for Kevin’s breakfast. 🙂

We then went for a long walk — a good hour, I think. I’ve been feeling a little sick the last two days, but I think I must be better now, as I feel totally fine after the walk. I’ve now ensconced myself in my shed; I have a whole host of e-mail and other things I want to do for the next few hours, and then in late afternoon, I’m going to walk over to Carnivore Oak Park with some of my stuff, see if they’d like to carry it in their store.

I’m not exactly sure which items yet — I’ll probably bring a selection and let them pick? Scarves don’t seem quite the right thing for a butcher shop / grocery store, but maybe tea towels? Pretty soaps? Greeting cards? They carry a lot of nice gourmet-type jarred pickles and the like, and maybe someone would want to gift those with a card….

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