Fairies for My Garden

Okay, here’s a request for you, if you’re bored and want to hunt the internet for me. I have been looking for fairies for my garden, and what I’ve found (after more than an hour of hunting) is that they are almost all white, and mostly blonde. GAH.

I would really like more ethnic diversity. I’ve mostly looked on Amazon and Etsy so far. Key factors:

– should not be expensive; I’m factoring in that some kid may wander away with one or more, so I need to keep them under $10 each, and under $5 would be even better

– should be outdoor-hardy and hardy generally; nothing too fragile

– should be kid-themed; I’m not looking for romantic or sexy fairies here; aiming more cute and kid-friendly

– should be similar in scale to what I already have, so around 2-3″ tall

I already have the Toob fairies, which are nicely diverse, plus a few Pretmann’s fairies (which are not ethnically diverse, but are aesthetically pleasing to me).

The reviews on the Toob fairies suggest that people are REALLY looking for this, btw, so if you’re a maker who can do this in a way that’s affordable for you, I think there’s a real market here — teachers want diverse fairies for their classrooms, people want them for their kids. (And many would be willing to pay a little more; I would, if mine were for indoors and not outside in the parkway where they might walk away.)

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