A Reading Binge

Trying to instill summer discipline mode; it’s a little difficult, to be honest. Yesterday I mostly spent the day reading — I’ve been on a reading binge this last week, whipping through four great new novels:

– The Unraveling, Benjamin Rosenbaum(coming out v. soon, you can pre-order now, super interesting re: gender in particular, but also parenting and community and far future weirdness — chock full of new ideas, if you like that kind of thing)

– Fugitive Telemetry, the new Murderbot novel, Martha Wells (so nice to spend time with Murderbot again, though I might warn you that this is on the short side for a novel, so it’s not as much time as I might have liked)

– Chaos on Catnet, Naomi Kritzer — the most un-put-down-able book I’ve read in a long time; was completely on the edge of my seat. I am fond of so many of the characters, even the somewhat inept poly adult grouping. 🙂 Sequel to Catfishing on Catnet.

– The Galaxy, and the Ground Within, the new Becky Chambers Wayfarers novel (fourth and final in the series) — this one made me cry, in a good way; I think I’d be happy to have my SF read like a cross between Bujold and Chambers

I liked them ALL. So in that sense, this has been a VERY good week, and I recommend them to you heartily.

Yesterday, though, I reached for comfort reading, and spent the whole day re-reading Bujold; I think I just needed some downtime. She never disappoints.


Pictured below, a few nice things from the last few days:

• a local contacted me and asked if they could buy some sweets for their wife for Mother’s Day (yes, of course, and I am throwing in a few extra because it’s so nice to see a dad thinking ahead on this)

• I bought myself a charm bracelet from one of the other vendors on Sunday: look at the adorable elephant and rocketship! “Elephants and Rocketships” would be a great name for something

• I’ve just gotten some nice packaging for my resin jewelry, so if people are giving it for gifts, I can put it in a pretty box for them. (Ribbon color may vary, depending on what I have on hand.)

Now I have to try to start working again, I think. Goals for the mornings:

– get up, get dressed in clothes suitable for workout & gardening, coffee, meds, breakfast — DONE
– FB & e-mail check for anything urgent (also waking up time) — DONE
– 30 minutes on treadmill — DONE
– turn off FB for an hour

– try to write for an hour, at least

If I can instill that much discipline for my summer, it’ll be a win. There are lots of other goals, but let’s start there, shall we?

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