A Nice Transition Plant

Camassia, also known as wild hyacinth, grows in woodland edges and moist meadows. Full sun preferred, can tolerate light shade. Prefers moist (but not soggy) soil.

Plant as bulbs in the fall, will end up roughly the height of tulips (which surprised me; somehow when I first planted them, I thought they were muscari-sized, clearly didn’t read carefully). Blooms around the same time as late tulips, before the peonies. Like other bulbs, you’ll need to let the leaves yellow and wither if you want them to come back, so plan on perennials emerging nearby to camouflage the yellowing leaves.

Really nice transition plant, blooming from late spring to early summer. Should slowly multiply if left undisturbed to form larger clumps; you can also dig them up and divide the offsets that form around the main plant.

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