Garden Log 4/8/21

Overcast and drizzly today, which is just perfect weather for transplanting, esp. since we’re going to have a few days of this coming. That’ll do a lot to ease transplant shock for these perennials. Great time to transplant, especially since it doesn’t look like we’re going to get any overnight frosts in the next ten days.

I took the opportunity to dig up and move around several perennials — mostly pulmonary, but also some Virginia bluebells. I also moved some hyacinths. A lot of gardeners are hesitant to move their plants, but I move mine all the time for better compositions (or because rascally varmints have moved bulbs, etc.) — just try to get enough dirt so you’re not disturbing the roots too much. Once they’re replanted, water them in well, and be sure they stay watered for the next few weeks, just as with any new planting.

Of course, sometimes you *want* to disturb the roots — one of my pulmonaria was getting quite large, so I took my trusty spearhead spade (I love it, it’s my go-to for almost everything digging-related) and just sliced it roughly in half with a few mighty whacks.

Replanted in two spots, and in a few weeks, you won’t be able to tell they hadn’t just grown there. They’ll be smaller than the original mama plant, of course, but still happy. Free plants, whee! I just saved $15 or so on what it’d cost to buy another one of these. 🙂 You can also give divisions away to neighbors and friends.

I’ll be working on my brunnera and Virginia bluebells next.

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