Sad to Miss It

Anand got an Easter card from the grandparents, and asked Kevin when Easter was. Kevin said he thought we might’ve missed it. (Because time has no meaning in pandemic-land and we’re losing track of everything.) Anand said that was sad. But they checked, and learned that Easter is tomorrow, and so Kevin asked if I had anything planned for Easter.

(I’m generally the holiday-making person in our household, and I’m fine with that division of labor, esp. since Kevin will do any tasks he’s directed to. In normal times, I enjoy it, and Kevin enjoys not having to go to all the parties I throw, so it works well for us.)

We’re not religious, so usually Easter is just egg hunt with the kids’ friends + decorating the house with a rather frenzied assortment of bunnies + making a family Easter dinner of roast lamb with mint sauce and asparagus, with some kind of sunny lemon cake for dessert. To be honest, folks, as much as I normally enjoy elaborate holiday preparations, I had been sort of tempted to give the whole thing a pass this year. Anand is 11 and Kavi is almost 14, so I thought maybe they were getting too old to be excited about egg hunt?

But Anand thought it would be sad to miss it.

So at 9:45 p.m., I ran over to the Target to get some Easter candy that would fit inside eggs. Came home, got Kavi off to bed, then it took me a while to find the bin in the basement with the plastic eggs, because I’d cleverly put it away neatly on a shelf tucked behind a whole bunch of other stuff, so it was probably midnight before I found it and started actually stuffing eggs. I didn’t really mind, though — it was sort of peaceful, and I was watching a murder mystery while I did it.

I did 20 eggs with chocolate for our kids to hunt for in the backyard in the morning. And then I did a hundred or so eggs with little toys in (they were leftover from last year, so I was just checking those eggs rattled when I shook them), and in the morning (probably around 10 a.m.) I’ll go out and put them in obvious places around my front yard, and put a note on the Little Free Library encouraging neighbors to bring their little ones to hunt some eggs in our front yard. I’ll probably put a bowl of candy in the LFL too, because I have a fair bit left.

And that’s why it was 1 a.m. before I started wandering around in our backyard cleverly hiding eggs with chocolate in difficult spots. I’m betting my kids will miss at least two of the hiding spots — we’ll see.

It’s a good thing I had no plans to do any work this weekend — I’m taking the weekend off for a change. Kind of shocking, given my usual practices. But it leaves a little room for holiday-making, and I guess we all need that now and then.

I might even bake them a cake tomorrow. I’m tempted to try a bicolor one with green pandan and yellow forsythia. We’ll see.

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